Luminaid develops and sells innovative LED lighting, with a focus on added functionality and optimised ease of installation. With a leading R&D and product development department in the Netherlands, Luminaid continues to work on its (patented) lighting solutions with built-in intelligence that concentrate on the collection of data. In addition, Luminaid is an important partner and distributer for the GYLED brand in Europe, while, in turn, GYLED is a manufacturing partner for Luminaid. 

Pallieter RENEFF is the joint initiator of and actively involved in the expansion of Luminaid, allowing the company to focus on the development of an innovative and patented modular strip lighting system. The Eyelight IQ system that, as a modular strip lighting system, can be configured to meet the user’s wishes, forms the basis for an extensive range of supplementary features. The luminaire becomes the infrastructure for network solutions, security systems and sensors. Through the development of modular systems, Luminaid will also capitalise on the growth market in so-called Smart City applications, where the LED street lighting will serve as a carrier for an urban data network and the various applications based on this.

Infrastructure for network solutions and security


With its innovative products, Luminaid leads the way for a revolution in the use of luminaires. The EYELIGHT.IQ is a good example of this. The functionality has been expanded to such a degree that the product has exceeded the title of lighting solution. In addition to the lighting function, the system forms a ready-to-use infrastructure for electricity and data facilities, camera security, network facilities and lots more besides.

Light for Food

Luminaid employs the assumption that a luminaire is not just a source of light, but also a potential carrier of added functionalities. Through optimising lighting solutions for other applications and even for future features, Luminaid walks a path of not just sustainability in the field of energy efficiency but also in the area of streamlining related services and the acquisition of information. This is perfectly in line with the Pallieter RENEFF vision.