Pallieter RENEFF


Pallieter RENEFF is the youngest division within the Pallieter Group that focuses its activities on sustainable energy and energy efficiency and the participation in companies that lead in these fields at home and abroad. Pallieter RENEFF sees the market for sustainable energy and energy efficiency as a long-term growth market, in which an advantageous position can be acquired on the basis of relevant networks and in-house knowledge.

In addition, the activities could have added value for companies within Pallieter Tools, considering that building products and materials are constantly expected to meet ever higher sustainability demands. But also between the subsidiaries, Pallieter RENEFF itself actively attempts to encourage cross-pollination and, in doing so, accelerate the creation of value.

Pallieter RENEFF has a long-term strategy and wants to take advantage of the demand for the generation of clean energy, which is expected to accelerate as a result of product cost reduction and tighter government stipulations. More efficient use of the energy produced is now recognised as the cheapest way to reduce CO2 emissions and lessen vulnerability as a consequence of exposure to price fluctuations in traditionally generated energy.

Pallieter RENEFF focuses especially on the product-market chains in both PV solar and LED, with the aim of strengthening its position through an active presence in multiple positions in the same chain.

Being active throughout the chain and striving for cross-pollination between various investments