Shanxi Guangyu


Pallieter RENEFF has performed two years of research into LED lighting manufacturers. Following a thorough selection process, analysing and visiting various companies, Pallieter RENEFF acquired an interest in LED lighting manufacturer Shanxi Guangyu LED Lighting Co., Ltd. (GYLED).

GYLED is a leading manufacturer of LED lighting located in Central China. With a major manufacturing facility in Linfen (Shanxi) and multiple locations spread across China, GYLED focuses on the development and manufacturing of (exclusively) LED lamps for industry, offices, roads and tunnels.



GYLED serves the market with an exceptionally large range that runs from LED for offices to industrial explosion-resistant lighting and from street lighting for highways and tunnels to architectural fa├žade lighting. While GYLED is quickly winning ground in Europe, the brand is considered one of the A-brands in Asia. The opportunities for expanding the success of GYLED in Asia to Europa were a significant reason for investing in GYLED.