Truckland is a household name within the commercial vehicle sector. With an increasing number of locations, Truckland focuses on the supply and maintenance of commercial vehicles and everything connected with this. Through the wide choice of brands, which includes the complementary models from DAF, Iveco, Maxus and Fiat, Truckland can answer almost every transport requirement.

Truckland offers the best of these brands, combined in a single sophisticated portfolio. Above all, Truckland is responsible for more than 30% of DAF vehicle sales to the Dutch market. Truckland comprises five companies, distributed over 20 strategic locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. Each location carries one or multiple Truckland brands and works closely with other locations to be able to offer an optimum range of services that focus on mobility. It does not matter if it concerns engine units, trailers or additions and alterations; all the services dovetail harmoniously together. In addition, Truckland has its own company training school and vehicle repair workshops.


Number of employees

Approximately 600 people work for Truckland.

Number of locations

Truckland has 17 locations in the Netherlands, 1 location in Belgium and 2 locations in Spain.

Numbers of vehicles sold

Company philosophy


Within the commercial automotive sector, Truckland strives to provide a range of services that covers the entire service life cycle of a commercial vehicle. From financing and delivery of transport vehicles to repairs and maintenance, Truckland pulls out all the stops to serve its customers. Truckland achieves this through the optimisation of processes and far-reaching economies of scale that serve to guarantee employment and healthy profit margins.


Sustainability is an important issue, both internally and externally, in Truckland’s operational management. Truckland focuses on people and the environment in its organisation and checks a whole variety of aspects regarding sustainable enterprise through both obligatory and voluntary checks. Whether this concerns a vehicle or a workshop, every employee is personally involved with their own contribution towards sustainability.


What we offer


Truckland offers a sophisticated portfolio of brands in new and used vehicles. This runs from the heavyweights among the trucks to light vans for urban use. In addition, Truckland has its own fleet of vehicles that is available for rent. This is how Truckland helps its customers to scale up rapidly at times when market demand increases.


Besides sales and rentals, Truckland offers an extensive range of additional services. Truckland has its own workshops for repairs, maintenance and tests. Truckland also has two certified damage repair centres for the immaculate repair of damage to commercial vehicles. Truckland offers its customers the possibility of entering maintenance contracts and Truckland has its own spare parts store so that the workshops always have first-class parts to hand. Truckland boasts its own company training school where personnel receive instruction. In brief, we offer comprehensive fleet management.