Truckland Lease

Truckland Lease is a collaboration between Truckland and DLL. This was established to complete the services offered by Truckland. Truckland’s strong position and years of experience in the world of transport on the one hand and the specialised knowledge of De Lage Landen in the field of credit and financing on the other form an excellent basis for successful services.

Through the collaboration, Truckland can now offer its customers a transport vehicle including financing. Truckland customers no longer need to arrange financing with a third party.

Tailored services are what Truckland Lease is all about. The most appropriate financial solution is sought for each specific situation. The pros and cons of the various products are weighed up in consultation with the customer. Truckland Lease offers a wide range of additional services including repair and maintenance contracts and insurance.

Truckland Lease


With Truckland Lease, Pallieter Trucks has expanded its Truckland division to become a one-stop-shop for the commercial vehicle sector. Truckland Lease products can be roughly divided into two categories. In addition to financial lease products, in which the customer remains the legal owner of the purchases, Truckland Lease offers customers the possibility of renting vehicles and equipment. Which option is most interesting, depends on the customer’s specific situation.


To make its services complete, Truckland Lease offers an extensive range of additional services with which Truckland Lease attempts to remove uncertainties from the equation. The services include:

  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Tyres
  • Insurance
  • HSB (holdership tax)
  • Euro vignette
  • Financing of second-hand equipment