Vision Car Lease (VCL) was founded 17 years ago out of dissatisfaction with the lack of openness of existing leasing companies. Starting with the fleet of a company in Valkenswaard, where transparency was key from the very first day, VCL has now grown into a large and growing regional player in (South-East) Brabant. Transparency is still central. This is where, among other things, the profit-sharing system came from.

A unique approach whereby the customer receives up to 50% back on the end of the term of the variable components in the case of operational leasing, in other words, a reward for good behavior! In addition, the customer has access to the calculation at the start, interim adjustment and when the car is returned. In short, at VCL the car leasing has become a transparent product! The takeover of VCL by Pallieter Group and Van Laarhoven Holding in 2021 has created a new foundation for further growth!