BUVA is a leading manufacturer and supplier of hinges and locks, ventilation systems, toughened glass windows, aluminium sections, fibre glass reinforced lintels. Through the years, it has established a considerable market share in the Netherlands. BUVA manufactures products for both residential properties and utilities.

Today, the product management team consists of an IOT department, engineers and product managers for hardware, ventilation and under-sills for both wooden and plastic window frames.

In the late 1990s BUVA chose its current location in Barendrecht. In mid-2018 the homecare systems were introduced. Because BUVA has positioned itself in the entire construction section with this and also by cleverly clustering various product groups, BUVA is a leading total supplier and therefore able to offer more value to all parties in the construction industry.

At present BUVA employs 170 people across two sites – Barendrecht (head office) and BUVA Composites in Middelburg (village factory).


Number of employees

around 165 people are employed by BUVA.

Annual sales


BUVA operates nationally from the head office in Barendrecht where around 160 people work on solutions for the construction industry each day. BUVA has two subsidiaries.