“Ensure you understand everything about the business you are in, build a strong basis, and reinforce your position from this base.”

The history of the Pallieter Group is characterised by strategic decisions that have resulted in a solid position for the company. The clear, unequivocal vision lies at the basis of the management of the various divisions and is the theme than runs through the Pallieter history. In addition, the various decisions that Pallieter took in the past have been influenced strongly by that fact that it was a family firm. This is evident from the respect for the history of the companies that have been acquired. This timeline provides an overview of the history of the family holding.


Jaguar Land Rover expansion

50% interest acquired in JLR dealer Knook Breda


Pallieter Group diversifies further

Pallieter Group takes an interest in the Groningen Bonsema Group. The Bonsema Group is a dominant party in the Northern Netherlands in the field of packaging and consists of Bonsema Verpakking in Kolham and Hoogeveen, Vermeulen Verpakkingen in Leeuwarden and DozenProducent in Kolham.


Truckland expands its camper activity: takeover of Mobiledrôme and De Vossenhoek


Pala takes over 4 BMW branches (Oostland)


Pallieter Invest acquires 50% stake in The Adventure


Pallieter Trucks acquires Heffiq BV in Vianen


Truckland acquires Van den Oever Campers


BUVA acquires Holonite, based in Tholen


Pallieter Invest invests in Vision Car Lease (Valkenswaard)


Bust of founder M.P.A.

Bust of founder M.P.A. van Doorne unveiled on organization’s 40th anniversary


Purchase DAF dealers

Truckland acquires DAF dealel De Burgh (3 establishments in / near Eindhoven) and DAF deal Van Hooft (3 stablisments in / near s-Hertogenbosch). Wim van Doorne will step down as director o, become chairman of the RvC and will be succeeded by Marco de Bos as CEO of Pallieter Group. Commissioners L. van Doorne, J. Jaakke and R. Slaats will step down and M. Hendrikse and J. Hak will join the Supervisory Board.



Pallieter Tools sells Polvo to Grafton Netherlands BV


Van Enckevort Groep

Polvo takes over the Van Enckevort Groep, in Limburg and Noord-Brabant.


Acquisities Polvo

Polvo acquires MB Tools in Etten-Leur and Zwaard in Delft.


Hendriks in Uden en Best

Polvo acquires Hendriks in Uden and Best.


De Schakel in Huizen

Polvo acquires De Schakel in Huizen over.


4Blue BV

Pallieter RENEFF BV establishes 4Blue BV.


Polvo BV

Polvo BV acquires Van den Ham in Nijkerk and Kobam in Dongen.


Truckland Madrid

Pervisory Board member Mr G.W.A. Schraven resigns from the Pallieter Group Supervisory Board and is succeeded by Mr R.A.M. Slaats. Truckland SL in Madrid is officially opened.


Pallieter RENEFF acquires an interest in GYLED

Pallieter RENEFF acquires an interest in GYLED. Polvo BV acquires Dubson in Barendrecht and BUVA acquires Tralinco in Middelburg (name: BUVA Composites BV). Truckland Zuid-Holland starts MAX Repair in Hellevoetsluis on 1 October.


Opening Polvo central stores

Polvo central store in Moerdijk is opened. Managing Director J. Zoetmulder has worked for the DAF dealer in Rotterdam for 50 years. TTA Truckland new building in Berkel-Enschot is opened.


Tax Authorities

Pallieter Group enters a covenant HT with the tax authorities.


Truckland Lease

With joint venture partner De Lage Landen the company Truckland Lease is established. Mr J.C. Jaakke becomes a member of the Supervisory Board for the Pallieter Group.


Acquisition of Bert Story and Van Der Stad

Pala Group acquires BMW dealer Bert Story. Hardware store van der Stad in Wijchen is acquired by Polvo.


Establishment of Rivusol and acquisition of Translast Velsen

stablishment of solar boiler supplier Rivusol. Truck service company Translast from Velsen is acquired by Truckland Noord-Holland.


25 years

Pallieter Group’s 25th anniversary! Hardware store Holtgrefe in Waalwijk is acquired by Polvo.


Hardware store Lekkerkerker

Hardware store Lekkerkerker in Utrecht is acquired by Polvo.


Wim van Doorne

Mr G.W.A. Schraven retires and becomes a member of the Supervisory Board. Mr W.L.M.M. van Doorne (1958), eldest son of the founder Martin, becomes the Managing Director of the Pallieter Group. Martin resigns as Chairman of the Supervisory Board and is succeeded by his son Mr L.W.A.M. van Doorne.


Pala Group

Hardware store Kruyt in Leiden is taken over by Polvo. The establishment of a joint venture with van Laarhoven Holding named Pala Group takes place. This combines seven BMW dealerships.


Acquisition of BMW Venlo/Roermond and DAF Heerhugowaard/Wognum

The BMW dealers in Venlo and Roermond, and the DAF dealers in Heerhugowaard and Wognum are acquired.


DAF Haarlem

The DAF dealer in Haarlem with locations in Beverwijk and Hoofddorp is acquired.



BUVA is acquired. An important moment for the expansion of the hardware division.


BMW dealers Oss en Cuijk

The BMW dealers in Oss and Cuijk are acquired and later combined in a new location in Uden.


Geert Schraven

Mr G.W.A. Schraven, connected with DAF Tilburg since 1980, succeeds Mr M.P.A. van Doorne. Mr M.P.A. van Doorne becomes Chairman of the Supervisory Board. The many years of unique cooperation between Van Doorne and Schraven have been of immense importance for the development of the enterprise.


DAF Amsterdam en Rotterdam

Acquisition of the DAF dealers in Amsterdam and Rotterdam


Acquisition G. Leys en Zoon

The first step is taken into the world of professional hardware with the acquisition of G. Leys en Zoon in Steenbergen.


Pallieter Group

A parent company is created above the operating companies: the Pallieter Group is born.


NOBRA Helmond

Establishment of the BMW dealer NOBRA in Helmond.


Establishment of DAF Bedrijfswagen Tilburg

DAF Bedrijfswagen Tilburg is the first company to be established


Dhr. M.P.A. van Doorne

Martin van Doorne (1933), the eldest son of the joint founder of DAF, Wim van Doorne, decides to resign as the Vice-President of DAF and to continue as an independent entrepreneur.