Norwegian Crystals


Pallieter RENEFF has invested in Norwegian Crystals together with Global Cleantech. The company with a capacity of 200 MW is a cost-efficient manufacturer of extremely high-quality monocrystalline silicon ingots. This modern production plant was previously in the hands of the Renewable Energy Corporation of Norway (“REC”) and runs entirely on hydro-electric power.

Norwegian Crystals has set its sights on becoming a world leader in the manufacture of high- quality ingots, wafers and PV modules. With the exception of the ingots that are sold directly to third parties, the company outsources the manufacture of wafers, PV cells and modules to Asian partners, after which the monocrystalline modules are sold under its own name. Through utilizing this form of outsourcing, the company retains maximum flexibility and can focus on the expansion of its distinguishing core activity: the manufacture of ingots.

Crystal Excellence


The entire production environment at Norwegian Crystals is created to excel in sustainability. Both costs and energy efficiency are central to the entire manufacturing process. The manufacturing process is completely computerised and permanently delivers constant quality. The factory is 100% powered by clean hydro-electric power, minimising the ‘energy payback time’ of the solar panels.